Sunday, January 22, 2006

Threat of Terror in the Heartland of America

Terror is a word too common in all societies now. With the recent al-qaeda terror message on 1-19-2006 offering truce and predicting imminent attack, one can wonder what big event could be a potential target. What is a larger than life event in the near future? Easy to notice the Super Bowl will be held in Detroit February 5th 2006. Hard to notice any media stories related to the potential for terrorist attack at the Super Bowl.

My compliments to the major networks for not exploiting public fear and raising anxiety about unfounded terrorist attacks; however, we are living in a post 911 world and the threat for an attack in the heart or heartland of America has been relayed. The al-qaeda message is not a threat that should be taken lightly, nor should people live in a state of fear or panic. Living in fear would be exactly what the terrorists would like. On the contrary, people should go about doing the things they want and need to do while being alert, mindful, and vigilant of strangers and surroundings.

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