Friday, February 10, 2006

Mohammed Cartoon gets more than 15 minutes

When you were growing up what was your favorite section in the news paper? Was it the cartoons? I had a fascination with the comics due to my lack of reading skills and of course comics are amusing. Today the morbid fascination and amusement with the “Mohammed Cartoon” is two fold. First, fascinating how the radical sects of Muslims are reacting with violence and murder and second is a sense of gotcha amusement from western culture. Radical Muslim terrorism has left victims with a sense of spite and want for revenge. This cartoon portraying Muhammad with a bomb in his turban does wonders for the anti Muslim psyche while reeking havoc in the minds of devoted Muslims. I distinguish between radical and moderate Muslims. Because, this author believes moderate Muslims are just as outraged with the Mohammed Cartoon as the radical Muslims, but are not taking violent action. I am a proponent of free speech and defend the cartoonists right to free press, however I think the descision to publish these anti Muslim cartoons was poor judgement on the part of the cartoonist. I am not displaying the Mohammed Cartoon out of respect for Muslims, and hope cooler heads will prevail as we move toward better understanding of our vastly different cultures.

Cartoon from: Here


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