Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration Imagination

US Lawmakers are confused about illegal immigration for good reason. Imagine having to deal with 11 million to 15 million people in this country without legal documentation. An exodus mostly from Mexico has brought and brings people across the US borders to search for the American Dream and Jobs. Granted these immigrant people are breaking the law. However, this country of America was founded by immigrants who broke Mexican laws and Indian treaties to establish the USA. Paybacks are tough?

feedscott is in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants without penalty, but with due process. If you want to live and work in America you have the feedscott blessing. If you can get here and you want to be here God Bless You!

The argument that illegal immigrants strain American resources eg. hospitals, welfare, and jobs is valid, but a diversion from the real issue of freedom and liberty. America is without a doubt the one of the greatest free countries in the world, despite our faults.

America's resources are taxed even without the extra load of illegal immigrants. America needs to change programs to accommodate current citizens and more immigrants that will be coming.

As far as Home Land Defense and National Security issues related to unchecked immigration. These topics will have to wait for another view tank post.

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