Tuesday, April 04, 2006

UFO Up Close Encounter

There is no shortage of UFO documentation. Paper trails of sightings, pictures, and videos are everywhere. TV programs highlight the incredible to the insane stories. In the past if you said you had seen a UFO you were thought to be touched in the head, out of touch with reality, or on drugs. Well today discussing a UFO sighting is very much common place. So, today feedscott will come out of the UFO closet and tell you about an up close and personal sighting.

The year was 1991. The place was 91st ave and Federal in a suburb just north of Denver Colorado.

The time was early in the morning about 4 am. I lived on the second floor of a corner apartment facing west 1 block east of Federal. I was having a restless sleep, so I got up and was having a glass of water and sitting at the kitchen table. I was facing west looking out the window down 91st when I saw it. There was a object coming east down 91st ave about 20 feet above the telephone poles. It resembled a thick wing shape that spanned the width of 91st. The texture was semi transparent with a mix of colors that faded in an out. It made no sound whatsoever. At first I thought my eyes or street lights in the window were playing tricks on me. But, as it slowly came closer down the street I stood up and looked at it from different angles in the room and also went right up to the window for a better view. I watched it for a good minute and a half or longer. It crossed the intersection at 91st and continued moving east. At this point I had to change windows and when I did it was gone. Then I had a sense of curiosity to go outside on the north balcony, but I was a little apprehensive. I didn't want to be abducted. This was my actual thought! I went outside in spite of my anxiety. There was nothing. I looked east, north, and straight up. Vanished with out a sound or trace.

You may ask yourself why should I believe this UFO story.

First, I am an Air Force Brat aka (the child of an Armed Forces Soldier). I have spent half my life living on or around Air Force military bases and am very familiar with all forms of aircraft. I have never seen anything like what I saw that morning.

Second, this was not some light in the sky or object on the horizon. This sighting was less than 100 feet away from me.

Third, I am not presenting a picture or video that may have been altered. I am giving you my first hand testimony of what I saw and remember.

It doesn't make any difference to me whether you believe me or not. However, I hope you do. This object was an advanced technology. Whether it was earthly, celestial, or of another dimension I have no idea.

If it was earthly my guess it was a stealth military vehicle. Hopefully American.

If it was celestial (from outer space) maybe it was looking for cows? I don't know :)

If it was from another dimension. I don't know what it was doing.

I do know I saw it, and now I have shared it with you.


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