Tuesday, February 14, 2006

brrreeeport beats out the Mohammed Cartoon

What is the brrreeeport

Anyways, currently the brrreeeport has 91 posts and the Mohammed Cartoon has 1,547 posts on Technorati. The brrreeeport is ahead of the Mohammed Cartoon in status. So, recent frequency of the brrreeeport is definitely part or the formula for determining status on Technorati.

On a side note, Technorati has been performing irregular for the past few days. Showing recent posts are from 60 days ago and just running extremely slow. This may have something to do with the new authority feature that blocks blogs with out enough links.

PS... Happy Valentine Day!


At 5:15 PM, Blogger LP said...

I think you are looking at the 'top searches' - it just looks at how many searches are sent in for a phrase.

And I usually go to Technorati to see what people are searching for, then go to google blogsearch or icerocket to actually search; they are much better.


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