Sunday, April 30, 2006

People will Strike in Support of Mexican Slaves

feedscott has not heard the illegal immigrant workers referred to as slaves, but that is what they are. Some illegal immigrants are working for below minimum wage and in unsatisfactory conditions. Whether they are called indentured servants or slaves these are the workers doing the jobs that most Americans will not do for below minimum wage. This is America's dirty little secret. Tomorrow thousands of people will protest for the illegal immigrants' amnesty, work visas, equal rights, and a chance at the American Dream! These people will not go to work or to school. Los Angeles California will suffer the greatest where an estimated 3 million illegal immigrants reside. The actual number is probably closer to 6 or 10 million.

The produce supply chain will be be affected as well as some restaurant services. Estimates of illegal immigrants nationwide are about 12 million. feedscott believes this number to be about 20 to 30 million. Logistically there is no way to locate and deport this many people. Even if marshal law was declared there are not enough resources to accomplish this mass deportation.

America and Americans must now come to the realization that the peaceful invasion from Mexico has been accomplished. There must now be plans made for how to accommodate these people. feedscott does not agree with the way these people came to the US, but the exodus has arrived over time. The first step must be to secure the borders with technology, not a wall. Second, a way to assimilate these immigrants must be quick, easy, and beneficial to the immigrants as well as the US.

Follow up to: Immigration Imagination


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