Thursday, February 16, 2006

abu ghraib "Hell on Earth"

Horrific, Disturbing, Chilling Insanity! There really are no words to describe the new pictures released from abu ghraib. These pictures portray an American page in history that is as ugly as Nazi concentration camp footage, but in bloody color. Of course, there is no full context to the pictures, but some of the abu ghraib pictures need no introduction.

Some will argue political agendas, but the abuse at abu ghraib goes far beyond political boundaries. There was a complete collapse and lack of leadership, judgment, ethics and sanity. Beyond comprehension!

It is easy to live in America with all the freedoms we have and criticize actions of some people who defend this country. America is far from the front lines and for the most part is sheltered from the gruesome atrocities of war. Even though the saying"war is hell" rings true, abu ghraib is not a case of war is hell abu ghraib is a case of abuse, torture and hell on earth, not acceptable under any circumstance.

These are links to the very graphic abu ghraib pictures and accounts.

I do not recommend these for the faint of heart or young children:

Pictures and Commentary

Video Report on iFilm


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