Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Washington Mutual Commercials: Funny or Racist?

Have you seen the new set of Washington Mutual (Wamu) Banking commercials launched on 3/13/2006?

The commercials portray a young black man (the good banker) and about 20 mature white men (the old school bad bankers). The white men are kept herded in a corral. The black banker asks the white banker's questions about incentives for customers and the white bankers scoff at his suggestions. In one commercial an oversized guinea pig water feeder is lowered down to the white men. In another commercial caviar is fed to the white men with a giant spoon. The commercial is funny on different levels, but what is disturbing is the fact that the commercials single out white men as pets, animals, and slaves. Also, the commercial seems to say that all bankers of importance in the past are white men. Why did Wamu choose to divide strictly by race color?

My message to Wamu: Not a good PR move to promote yourself with racism. Shamu on Wamu!

Here is what Wamu says about the new campaign under news section.

Another Link

Wamu Media Contact: Mary Kelley, 206-377-6878 mary.kelley@wamu.net





Johnny Triangles


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Monday, March 20, 2006

Last Liberal in Central Florida agrees with feedscott

In the view tank previous post Impeachment Is Not The Answer feedscott points out "We are Americans First." The Last Liberal in Central Florida agrees that jumping on bandwagons is "not providing anything original" and had this comment:

"If you are just reprinting Bogus Bush Bashing, or Bogus W Attacks...then you are not providing anything original.
" and the same goes for impeachment.

Also read: Paul Krugman: Bogus Bush Bashing By Mark Thoma in Economist's View

Get off the Bush Bash Wagon Bench and get on the field.

If all you bring to the table is a review of the last supper you will starve!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Impeachment Is Not The Answer

This post will be short and sweet. First, so you know I lean right. I didn't think we should impeach President Bill Clinton and I don't think that President George Bush should be impeached. This type of rhetoric undermines the US political fabric, detours focus of the US Government, and damages our foriegn relations. When affairs aren't going in perfect order the first thing we start hearing is impeach, impeach!

Before parties we are Americans and as such we should support our leaders. If you disagree with policy so be it. But jumping on the impeachment bandwagon does no party any good and camouflages and detracts from the real issues.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Ward Churchill on Psychedelic Mushrooms?

Michelle Malkin took aim at Jay Bennish on the Bill O'Reilly Factor. "Happy St. Patricks Day Bill, view tank loves the factor"! Michelle compared Jay Bennish to a Ward Churchill on Psychedelic Mushrooms. Michelle is a little over the top but view tank has "Big Love" for her to.

As for Jay, well he has a new class description: political geography and to Ward, don't trip to hard, manage the buzz bro. They are not real bloggers out to get you, they are just a figment of your hallucination.

What is it with Colorado and all the school controversies?

Must be the Rocky Mountain High.

Peace out?

The Blond Joke that will keep you laughing

Hard to stop laughing after checking out this blond joke.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Looking for Link Love in All the Right Places

Easy for the Alisters to say they are all about quality of content without a care about traffic. Not surprising, but if you are new to the blog sphere future lines is all about promoting traffic to blogs and websites through comedy. Come and get some link love from future lines.

Check the status of vurf.

Crazy Egg is a website tracking system that records every click by your users. It then produces a heat map that is overlaid on your site, allowing you to understand exactly what your users are doing.

feedscott checked out the crazy egg. This web tool will be fly!

The girl in the picture went to Sxsw and all she got was that ugly baby!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bye Bye Miss American Dubai

Bye Bye Miss American Dubai

Bye Bye Miss American Dubai
Drove the boat to the levy and the levy was dry
Them good ole boys thought they'd slip this one by
Singing this won't make the news - Dubai
This won't make the news - Ya Right!

Picture courtesy of edwebproject.org

Monday, March 06, 2006

Is abortion ever ok?

Before the Oscars and the stars came out to play there was the keyword abortions that was being searched for on technorati. I noted this on the feedscott blog a couple days ago. The theme was "how to do it yourself abortion" and "how to perform an abortion" among other abortion related search strings.

feedscott view of abortion

Abortion is the elimination of life be it conscious or unconscious. Living cells that are or will become a human being are being destroyed.

I am against abortion, but I defend the parent’s right to have a legal abortion. Even though the female carries the child, both parents should have equal say in the decision. In a case of rape or incest the pregnant mother should have the full and final say with consultation from family, friends, or a doctor at whatever age that pregnant mother is.

Is abortion ever ok?

There are a lot of people who say abortion is not ok, except in the case of rape, incest, or if the mother’s life is in danger. Abortion is never ok! There are options for adoption in the case of rape or incest. If the mother’s life is in danger then that becomes a medical decision and less of an ethical one.

A woman should never have to give herself an abortion, go to an underground clinic, or leave the state or country to have an abortion. This is part of the reason I support legal abortion. I do not agree with it, but I support it.

This is a hot and sensitive issue. All comments will be posted excluding personal attacks and profanity. Please feel free to share your view points.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't miss out on the Blog Party!

BlogParty is a new network of sites that help you meet like minded bloggers and promote your blog. BlogParty also includes a free blog forum. Sign up and use feedscott as your reference. I'll see you on the forums!

We can discuss: “American Idol” Origami Myspace “The Big Question” Apple Newsvine

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Top Ten Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Slogans

Top Ten Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber Slogans:

10. You can't take the suicide out of the bomber, and you can't take the bomber out of the suicide
9. Will kill for cartoons
8. By Air and now by Sea Ports
7. Tammy NYP will know who I was
6. We are not racist, We hate everyone the same
5. Don't let school stop you from killing yourself
4. If you can't beat them, blow yourself up
3. Will explode for virgins
2. The life I save won't be my own
1. I wasn't amounting to much anyway

Also check out:

Top Ten Reasons Why Being a Suicide Bomber is Cool

by James MacLaren

Late to the Blog Party? Why so many people here?

Main Stream News Media (MSM) "has been" and is chanting about the death of blogging with a feverish furor.

Why could this be happening?

Easy answer: Main stream news media is losing market share to bloggers.

It was bound to happen. New blogs are growing at an exceptional exponential rate.

News watchers are now news spreaders, self included. I can't remember the last time I watched a full news broadcast on TV or skimmed an entire paper. My news is digital now.

We are not seeing the death of blogs we are witnessing their birth.

Recently, I attended a 4 year college that is technical in nature.

Not once did I hear or read the word blog. Truly Amazing!

Blogging was something I discovered with help from friends and associates in the business fields.

English 305 should be blogging for billions, and yet blogging was completely absent from the curriculum of a technical school.

Myspace is really just a networked blog community and there are many others. These bloggy networks are not even tallied in the technorati 30 million indexed blogs.

MSM takes aim at blogs at their weakest link, which right now is targeted at all the attention paid to the Singapore teen Tammy NYP video scandal download craze.

MSM is attacking a rain drop in the Blog Storm of the Century. The MSM paradigm model has shifted and there is no going back and "That's the way it is."