Thursday, February 23, 2006

"Tammy nyp" The video worth a thousand blogs

I wasn't going to comment on the Teen Tammy meme. But, in the feedscott future line blog I mentioned Tammy and got 400 hits in one day when normally I get about 50. Also, the top 6 searches are Tammy related on Technorati. So, here is my 2 cents.

For those of you out of the loop, here is the skinny. Tammy and a young man, We will call him Timmy made some intimate home movies on her camera cell phone. Well, Murphy’s law kicked in and Tammy’s cell phone ended up in the hands of her nemesis the evil cheerleader; and now somehow portions of this home movie are being released for public viewing on the internet. Go figure.

Ok, here are my views. I watched the movie. Don't waste time asking for it, the link is gone and I deleted it.

First, no young teens should have to learn this lesson on a world stage; my heart goes out to Tammy and Timmy. Second, anyone who knowingly and willingly lets them self be recorded in intimate situations is just asking for the pain. Ask Dr. Laura, Paris Hilton, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee and on and on and on? Was Tammy willing? The phone was supposedly hers. Did Tammy and Timmy know they were being recorded? Yes, they both did.

With easy access to video cameras in general as well as in cell phones and PDA's the suspicion is there will be a lot more of this going on and Tammy and Timmy are just the young pioneers. Parents be on notice.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Diamond David Lee Roth is Back!!!

David Lee Roth is the hands down the best rock and roll front man of all time. David fronted Super Group Van Halen and since he left Van Halen they have never been the same.

So great to listen to David shoot the mud on his Roth Radio show. David hasn't changed he is opinionated and spits it out. David compares cold play to U2 saying cold play is trying to be U2 and I have to agree although I do like cold play. Check out the Roth Radio feeds online @ Roth Radio , it will take you back.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

abu ghraib "Hell on Earth"

Horrific, Disturbing, Chilling Insanity! There really are no words to describe the new pictures released from abu ghraib. These pictures portray an American page in history that is as ugly as Nazi concentration camp footage, but in bloody color. Of course, there is no full context to the pictures, but some of the abu ghraib pictures need no introduction.

Some will argue political agendas, but the abuse at abu ghraib goes far beyond political boundaries. There was a complete collapse and lack of leadership, judgment, ethics and sanity. Beyond comprehension!

It is easy to live in America with all the freedoms we have and criticize actions of some people who defend this country. America is far from the front lines and for the most part is sheltered from the gruesome atrocities of war. Even though the saying"war is hell" rings true, abu ghraib is not a case of war is hell abu ghraib is a case of abuse, torture and hell on earth, not acceptable under any circumstance.

These are links to the very graphic abu ghraib pictures and accounts.

I do not recommend these for the faint of heart or young children:

Pictures and Commentary

Video Report on iFilm

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

brrreeeport beats out the Mohammed Cartoon

What is the brrreeeport

Anyways, currently the brrreeeport has 91 posts and the Mohammed Cartoon has 1,547 posts on Technorati. The brrreeeport is ahead of the Mohammed Cartoon in status. So, recent frequency of the brrreeeport is definitely part or the formula for determining status on Technorati.

On a side note, Technorati has been performing irregular for the past few days. Showing recent posts are from 60 days ago and just running extremely slow. This may have something to do with the new authority feature that blocks blogs with out enough links.

PS... Happy Valentine Day!

Cheney Top 10 Excuses for Shooting Whittington

Dick Cheney Top 10 Excuses

10. I thought he was packin some WMD
9. From the back he looked like Karl Rove
8. Whittington was using up too much social security anyway
7. I was told to shoot first and cover up later
6. Guns don't kill people, I do
5. I didn't want Bush thinking I couldn't bag a single thing
4. Whittington called me a lame duck
3. Jim Brady declined the invitation
2. Bush said "only kill what you can eat"
1. I only have room for a human head on the office wall

The real reason Cheney said was " I was tired of the mohammed cartoon getting all the press"

Monday, February 13, 2006

Alexadex Fame and Fortune at no Risk or Cost

Alexadex is a free market for website traffic. I invested $10,000 in about a dozen websites. All in fun not real money. Sell when when traffic is high buy when traffic is low, that's the ticket. Just click Alexadex to get your free $10,000 investment bucks! Have fun investing.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Blooming Idiot: Solitaire kills job Dead

This story was reported by the New York Post on Thursday 2-9-2006.

Apparantly, New York City Mayor Bloomberg had a office worker of 6 years fired for having Solitaire running on a city desk computer. The Mayor was taking some photo ops and visited city workers desk. The worker rose out of his chair to meet the Mayor and shake his hand. Bloomberg noticed the worker had Solitaire running. The Mayor took no immediate action, but later had that worker let go, so Yahoo new says. Digg has the story and it made the front page. Also, Mike from Techdirt touched on this story.

Morale to the story:

For Employees: Alt F4
For Managers: Lighten up and stand up for your employees
For Leaders: If productivity is down, look in the mirror to see the problem

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Top 10 signs your a red neck blogger

10. You're still using the default blogger template
9. The right hand corner of your blog says "Impeach Bush"
8. You're related to everyone in your blogroll
7. At first You thought blog roll was a snack eaten while blogging
6. You have more chicklet banners than words in your blog
5. You have not blogged about brokeback mountain
4. You're blog links to your myspace page
3. You think the “Mohammed Cartoon” is funny
2. You spent $300 to get indexed on Yahoo
1. You thought you were going to get rich on google ads

Big Brother prepares for blogger "Cyber Storm"

In an article from The Economic Times the writer states:

" WASHINGTON: The US government has concluded its "Cyber Storm" wargame, its biggest-ever exercise to test how it would respond to devastating attacks over the Internet from anti-globalization activists, underground hackers and bloggers.


Participants confirmed parts of the worldwide simulation challenged government officials and industry executives to respond to deliberate misinformation campaigns and activist calls by Internet bloggers, online diarists whose "Web logs" include political rantings and musings about current events."

I guess the morale to the story is big brother is watching, listening, and preparing to put the smackdown on bloggers.
" Bloggers?" I feel safer already!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Mohammed Cartoon gets more than 15 minutes

When you were growing up what was your favorite section in the news paper? Was it the cartoons? I had a fascination with the comics due to my lack of reading skills and of course comics are amusing. Today the morbid fascination and amusement with the “Mohammed Cartoon” is two fold. First, fascinating how the radical sects of Muslims are reacting with violence and murder and second is a sense of gotcha amusement from western culture. Radical Muslim terrorism has left victims with a sense of spite and want for revenge. This cartoon portraying Muhammad with a bomb in his turban does wonders for the anti Muslim psyche while reeking havoc in the minds of devoted Muslims. I distinguish between radical and moderate Muslims. Because, this author believes moderate Muslims are just as outraged with the Mohammed Cartoon as the radical Muslims, but are not taking violent action. I am a proponent of free speech and defend the cartoonists right to free press, however I think the descision to publish these anti Muslim cartoons was poor judgement on the part of the cartoonist. I am not displaying the Mohammed Cartoon out of respect for Muslims, and hope cooler heads will prevail as we move toward better understanding of our vastly different cultures.

Cartoon from: Here

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What is a Zillow you ask? Well I will tell you! Realty!

Zillow is about the collest real estate tool ever used. Put in an address and up pops information about that address and surrounding addresses. The kicker is Zillow kicks out a current estimated value for addresses. These estimates are amazingly close to market from the addresses that were inputed. This tool will be great for buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents. Of course, nothing will substitue for an appraisal and the indepth market analysis, but Zillow helps to clear the murky waters for us mere mortals.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Collective Consciousness in Cyber Space

Never before have we had the opportunity to connect like we do now. Not just by means of cell phones, TV, and the internet. This connection relates more to the interconnection of people through different channels, mediums, services, forums, and social interaction in cyber space. We are linking, feeding, streaming, commenting, blogging, reading, listening, and watching real-time news, events, public opinions, and relevance form simultaneously and sequentially. Everyone has their own ideas, opinions, thoughts, and preferences. These intangible agencies are being combined into one Collective Consciousness in Cyber Space. With social bookmaking, tagging, and ranking one can see the importance or relevance to the Collective Consciousness. Some interpretations, outcomes or results may be a bit skewed and off the mark, but this is the nature of imperfection an attribute we all share. This author will not suggest that the Collective Consciousness is a form of life, but in that sense it is a combined cyber extension of our biological brainwaves. See the Wiki for an example of the Collective Consciousness and definitions of words in this weblog.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

That's it, I'm putting Syria on the no call list

From a story on RTE News, both Norway and Danish reps blame Syria for not providing protection to their embassies in Damascus. Calls for help from the Syrian government fell on deaf ears a spokesperson for the Danish embassy stated. While American Muslims condemn the violence, they agree with boycotts of Danish dairy products and other diplomatic actions in light of the Danish Muslim Cartoons. Bush blamed the Syrian government stating “We will hold Syria responsible for such violent demonstrations since they do not take place in that country without government knowledge and support.” Photo from: Bassem Tellawi / AP

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Muslim Cartoon Vanishes as did the Danish Embassy

AP Photo

Most of the web pages showing the controversial Danish Muslim cartoon are over run or have been taken down. I am empathetic to any group of people including Muslims who take offense for something they feel strongly about, but lets keep things in context.

Is rioting and burning down the Danish Embassy for a simple cartoon the answer? No!

Do these radical protesters gain support by rioting? No!

Does public opinion of Muslims as a whole decline over incidents like this? Yes!

In a semi-none related story:
Egyptians rejected British offer of help to sinking ferry

Why can't we all get along. Is pride so big that death is the only unreasonable alternative?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

PC Club closes 15 stores and lays off employees

PC Club computers based in California closed about 15 retail locations across the US today. Employees arrived at work to find the doors padlocked and a sign stating the closure. No prior warning was given to employees or customers.

All three stores in Colorado were closed including some in Arizona, New Mexico, and most if not all of the East Coast stores. Employees are not only concerned for their future, but also about the customers who have computers in for service, or have computers and parts on order or in the stores. The PC Club website gives no explanation about the closures under the News section currently. But, the store locations that were closed have been eliminated from the website listings. Instead of 60 stores the website now lists 43. Visit here again for future updates on these closures.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Davids vs Goliaths

Web 2.0 is here, like the buzzword or not. Web 2.0 is a platform or architecture that ushers in a new way that users can interact with websites and web applications. Browsing has been replaced with interaction where users can customize, personalize, and signify the way they view and interface with their computer appliances and applications. Organization and hierarchy of information is now critical to label and file the vast amounts of data and information available. Tags are now playing a major role in categorizing websites, blogs, podcasts, vodcasts, and the associated RSS and other feeds.

One new site called is taking tags or tagging to a new level. Blinklist which was launched July 2005 offers users the ability to save and tag bookmarks, links, and favorites lists online, accessible from any web enabled browser. The benefits to this are numerous. First, if you are not at your computer and you need to pull up a number of your bookmarks this is now possible. You can also save a bookmark at work and access it from home or wherever. Backing up your links online is also a great idea if your computer happens to crash. There are many other social bookmarking or tagging solutions, but Blinklist offers a more aesthetic and user friendly interface similar to the popular Blinklist also offers the option to import links from, furl, and browsers. The Blinklist mother company MindValley founded in October 2003 is expanding into other areas of opportunity including feed tags and ecommerce.

At a recently attended conference hosted by Qwest , voice mail was being imported into Outlook. Currently, many people access voice mail on a phone, browse the web on firefox, get news feeds on Google and Wizz RSS, email from Google and Outlook, and feed podcasts and vodcasts on FireAnt. Consolidation of tasks is now beginning to be trendy as users look for more comprehensive ways to communicate and assimilate information.

Google Labs recently launched a chat aggregator called Google Talk or there is meebo in alpha for chat aggregation. Feeds from reddit,, slashdot, are being mashed up to form one feed called

As we move toward the next generation of web applications and their integration, technology goliath companies like Google and Microsoft will certainly be major players. But, this is forcing smaller “david” companies like MindValley and FireAnt to have further vision, more innovation, better products, and be faster to market to compete with the “microsoft” and “google” “goliaths”.