Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Late to the Blog Party? Why so many people here?

Main Stream News Media (MSM) "has been" and is chanting about the death of blogging with a feverish furor.

Why could this be happening?

Easy answer: Main stream news media is losing market share to bloggers.

It was bound to happen. New blogs are growing at an exceptional exponential rate.

News watchers are now news spreaders, self included. I can't remember the last time I watched a full news broadcast on TV or skimmed an entire paper. My news is digital now.

We are not seeing the death of blogs we are witnessing their birth.

Recently, I attended a 4 year college that is technical in nature.

Not once did I hear or read the word blog. Truly Amazing!

Blogging was something I discovered with help from friends and associates in the business fields.

English 305 should be blogging for billions, and yet blogging was completely absent from the curriculum of a technical school.

Myspace is really just a networked blog community and there are many others. These bloggy networks are not even tallied in the technorati 30 million indexed blogs.

MSM takes aim at blogs at their weakest link, which right now is targeted at all the attention paid to the Singapore teen Tammy NYP video scandal download craze.

MSM is attacking a rain drop in the Blog Storm of the Century. The MSM paradigm model has shifted and there is no going back and "That's the way it is."


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